Smarter workflows for images, video and brand

  • Powerful and intuitive image and media bank
  • Share through Web Shares and portals
  • GDPR-compliant with digital consent collection
  • Online video and user-friendly graphic templates

What is Mediaflow?

Digital Asset Management

Mediaflow is a cloud-based service that helps you work more efficiently with your digital assets. Collaborate, distribute and organise easily and quickly.

Brand tools

Ensure that your organisation always maintains a high standard in its brand communication with our user-friendly graphic templates and media portals.

Video tools

With our Video Manager, you can ensure your video content meets WCAG standards. With features like automatic transcriptions, easy-to-use subtitle editing, and the capability for live broadcasts, you can make accessibility a priority and broaden your reach.

Arrange and organise your files

With seamless uploading and support for previewing over 100 file formats, storing files in Mediaflow is as easy as on any computer. It gets even better thanks to smart indexing, automatic folders, duplicate management, version control, and many other time-saving features.

A more efficient work process

In addition to storing and organising your files, Mediaflow also provides the opportunity for a new and improved workflow. With the help of integration solutions, innovative file-sharing features, and plugins, you can work much more efficiently.

Powerful admin features

Make the most out of Mediaflow by customising groups, download formats, metadata fields, and much more according to your organisation's needs.

User-friendly interface

With clever features like a news feed, chat, theme selection, and functionality for creating custom image collections, using Mediaflow becomes easy, enjoyable and practical.

Easily integrated with other systems


Customise Mediaflow to your workflow

Branded Media Portals

Make content such as images, videos, design templates, and documents available to others in one or multiple stylish media portals. Create an internal image- and media bank, a brand portal, or external portals for the press, resellers, and suppliers.

GDPR & Sign

Mediaflow's intelligent tools for managing individuals in files, personal data, consent, and agreements. Fully aligned with the requirements of the data protection regulation.

Design Generator

Equip your organisation with user-friendly templates for marketing and communication materials, both for print and digital formats, without the need for external software or prior knowledge. Ensure that the quality is high and on-brand.

Video Manager + Live

Live stream your events. Automatically caption your video films and showcase the video on your website or through our playback portal. Our fully accessible WCAG 2.1 AA video player supports subtitles, multiple audio and image tracks, as well as sign language interpreted and audio described videos.

Simple, scalable and affordable

Mediaflow is a Swedish cloud service that thousands of communicators, creators, and marketers use. Because the service is located in the cloud and easily accessible through your web browser, it also doesn't require any hardware investments, making it easy for large and small organisations to get started.

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