Simple layout templates tailored to your brand

With the help of Mediaflow's Design Generator tool, you provide the organisation with user-friendly design templates for marketing and communication materials without needing external software or specific qualifications. This frees up internal marketing resources while ensuring brand compliance.

Anyone can easily create visual content

Mediaflow's design templates are easy to use. This allows anyone to create material that adheres to your visual identity and brand.

Both analogue and digital material

The design tool can be used for everything from social media posts, digital advertisements, roll-ups, posters, diplomas, business cards, price tags, and much more.

Receive help in creating layout templates

Professional services assist your company in creating layout templates in keeping with your brand and preferences. Moreover, you can determine to what extent users will be able to make changes.

Intuitive and user-friendly design tool

Changing text and images in the Design Generator is simple, even for inexperienced users. You can easily see what you can edit in the document by hovering over it with the cursor, but you can also edit directly in the input fields on the side.

If you have permission to choose images in the layout template, you can access pre-cropped recommended images or select from allowed images from your image bank. You can decide how to crop the image utilizing an easy-to-use cropping tool, and if the image's resolution falls below a set limit, the template will provide a warning. Logos and symbols can also be managed in a specific way to ensure they are not cropped, all to maintain brand compliance.

Share your templates in a Media Portal

Making layout templates available for your organization through a Media Portal, preferably your internal media bank, is easy.

Variations of the basic templates can be easily customized by a Mediaflow user by varying image choices and text content for different purposes and target audiences. For instance, business cards can be tailored for different departments, or signs can be adapted for various product areas.

Media Portals

With a media portal, you can distribute your files from Mediaflow, making them accessible to a broader audience. For instance, you can create a press media bank for journalists accessible from your website or an internal brand portal on your intranet.

Share your files with others

You can easily save and then share your document with others for collaboration or review. You can do this effortlessly with our Web Share feature.

Moreover, when multiple people are working on a shared document, built-in version control helps you keep track of when the document was modified and by whom. You can also revert to previous document versions using this feature.

Analogue and digital layout templates

One of the strengths of the Design Generator is that the same design tool can be used both for creating analogue printed materials and digital content for your brand.

The different application areas include:

  • Print, such as business cards, flyers, roll-ups, and brochures.
  • Printouts, such as posters, notices, and diplomas.
  • Digital, such as social media posts and banners.

Print materials can be downloaded as a PDF file adhering to industry standards for professional printing with the correct resolution. Printouts are optimized for printing without disruptive crop marks on the user's printer. Digital templates are downloaded as image files in standard or retina resolution.

We tailor design templates to fit your brand

Our specialists help you create intelligent, user-friendly layout templates customized to match your graphic identity and brand. You decide which elements should be editable in the design tool and in what manner.

Interested in trying out the Design Generator?

In our demo portal, you can experiment with editing some of our existing layout templates. Several options are available, including posters, business cards, social media posts, and much more. These design templates can give you a good idea of how to implement them in your company in keeping with your graphic identity.


Simple, scalable and affordable

Mediaflow is a Swedish cloud service that thousands of communicators, creators, and marketers use. Because the service is located in the cloud and easily accessible through your web browser, it also doesn't require any hardware investments, making it easy for large and small organisations to get started.

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