The Video Manager platform gathers your videos in one place

Easily showcase your video content on your website or create your own video portal! There are many popular video platforms. Our fully accessible video player supports subtitles and multiple audio and video tracks. Additionally, it offers sign language and audio descriptions for the visually impaired. Thanks to an intelligent speech recognition engine, you can generate subtitles in just a few minutes, saving time and resources. Quick and convenient.

WCAG 2.1 Level AA

Make your online videos accessible with sign language interpretation, subtitles, or versions in other languages.

Save time with auto captioning

Auto-generate subtitle suggestions directly in the tool via GDPR-compliant servers in Scandinavia. Make corrections and publish. Done!

Branded Video Portal

You can easily create a video platform for your company. Choose a graphic profile from several templates and customise it to match your brand.

Work more efficiently with all your videos on one platform

Using Video Manager has many advantages compared to having a separate video platform.

First and foremost, it is fully integrated into Mediaflow, and you can manage videos the same way as images and other media files. Your employees don't need to learn multiple systems, and you get several other standard features in Mediaflow. For example, you can tag with keywords, set user rights, and link videos to a GDPR consent.

Moreover, you can share videos and collaborate using Web Share. You can publish the videos in your Media Portals or Player Portals and embed them on your websites and intranet through Mediaflow's CMS integrations. There are also integrations with other video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

In addition to these standard features, our Video Manager offers extended video functionality, including creating accessible videos, in compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Creating an accessible video is easy

Mediaflow's video player supports subtitles, audio description, sign language interpretation, and alternative audio/video tracks, for example, to make versions in other languages.

You can also display the subtitles as a transcript, meaning a text version that appears in a separate box. The video player complies with all the WCAG 2.1 level AA requirements, such as keyboard navigation, screen reader support, clear contrasts, and accessibility for colour-blind people. See below for more details on the video platform's accessibility features. 

Automatic transcription of subtitles

Subtitling makes a video more accessible. In addition to supporting manually uploaded subtitles, Mediaflow offers the option to transcribe subtitles automatically.

You can avoid the time-consuming task of transcribing the video yourself and easily edit the text directly in Mediaflow's subtitle tool. However, if you prefer to write your subtitles, you can do so directly in the video tool.

Create a video with audio description

You can attach a separate video or audio track containing an audio description to a video in Video Manager. Viewers can then choose to watch the audio-described version in the media player. Simple and, most importantly, accessible.

Capability for sign language interpreted video

With our video platform, you can easily attach a sign language interpretation track to your online video. Choose whether the sign language interpretation should be displayed with the video either as a separate video track or as a standalone box placed on top of or beside the original video. That's what we call accessible video!

Make your online video available in multiple languages

Upload alternative audio and video tracks in other languages and link them to your video. When the tracks are activated, it's easy to seamlessly switch between them in the video player.

Create a Play Portal tailored to your company's brand

By getting a Play Portal through Mediaflow, you can customise a page entirely to your company's brand, with your logo and colours.

You can tailor the content by sharing your videos from Mediaflow's media bank, adjusting the texts and teasers on the homepage, and deciding which video categories should be available. It's also possible to allow visitors to download the videos.

Visit a Play Portal

Have a look at our customer, The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth’s Play Portal

Visit portal

Choose a custom poster image for your video

You can choose how your video is presented in your Play Portal. You can select a suitable frame from the video that represents it well, choose an image directly from the Mediaflow image bank, or upload your image file.

User-friendly livestreaming feature

Deliver your message in a personally packaged and professionally presented manner, whenever and wherever it suits your audience.

Mediaflow Live is an add-on service to Video Manager that allows you to live stream to nearly any internet-connected device. GDPR-compliant, scalable, and reliable with servers in Scandinavia.


Reach people all over the world with personalised communication on their terms. Mediaflow Live is an add-on service to Video Manager that makes it easy to live stream with a scalable and GDPR-compliant infrastructure.

Features in Mediaflow's accessible video player

  • Ability to display subtitles.
  • Support for subtitles in multiple languages.
  • Support for displaying languages ​​with alphabets other than Latin.
  • Support for alternative text tracks with descriptive text.

Support for displaying subtitles as a running text in a separate box where what is said in the video is highlighted in the text in real-time.

Support for having several different audio tracks connected to a video, for example for different languages. The video/audio track switches seamlessly without pausing or restarting the video.

Support for audio-described video where either a separate video track or audio track can be easily switched to.

Support for displaying sign language interpretation along with the video. Either as a separate video track or a standalone overlay displayed on top of or beside the original video.

The ability to adjust the playback speed of the video.

Accessibility requirements that the player complies with (WCAG AA 2.1)

Clear logic for how to navigate with tabs and other keys.

All functions have text descriptions that explain their purpose. This is to ensure that a screen reader can understand and use them.

All visual elements are designed for visually impaired users, with clear contrasts between elements.

The player is designed to always work on different devices, when the browser is zoomed in, or when a zoom tool is used.

No elements use colour as the only way to convey information. The player is tested for different types of colour blindness to ensure clarity even when a person doesn't have full-colour vision.

Simple, scalable and affordable

Mediaflow is a Swedish cloud service that thousands of communicators, creators, and marketers use. Because the service is located in the cloud and easily accessible through your web browser, it also doesn't require any hardware investments, making it easy for large and small organisations to get started.

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