Film and broadcast live using Mediaflow's streaming platform

Livestream events and make them accessible to everyone! Reach people worldwide through personalised communication on their terms. Mediaflow Live is an add-on service to Video Manager that makes it easy for your company to conduct web broadcasts with a scalable and GDPR-compliant infrastructure.

View real-time statistics

In the virtual control room, you can track the number of viewers, what devices they are using, and gain valuable insights into the interest in your live broadcast.

Livestream through Scandinavian servers

With Mediaflow Live, you broadcast through GDPR-safe servers with high security and high speed.

Configurate quickly

Reuse previous settings and stream keys to save time before your web broadcast.

Livestream events effortlessly and reliably

Broadcasting live through a streaming platform is an excellent alternative or complement to traditional events today. The advantages are numerous. Your audience can be reached anywhere, using nearly any device with an internet connection.

Long journeys, conflicting schedules, and venue size are no longer barriers to a successful event. Those who cannot attend the event in real-time can experience the events at their convenience through a web broadcast. With a live broadcast, your company gains a broader reach while maintaining a more personal touch.

What is essential when livestreaming events?

When filming and broadcasting live, several things are happening simultaneously, and there are many parameters that can't go wrong. Therefore, it is crucial that the software you work with is simple and uncomplicated so it does not become a limitation and an additional source of stress.

There are many popular platforms for live broadcasts. Our Live service is developed by individuals with years of experience in live broadcasts for private and public sector companies. Mediaflow Live is designed from the ground up to make it easy to get started and automate repetitive tasks. In our experience, simpler workflows lead to better broadcasts. We will explain more about our user-friendly streaming platform below.

See how your live broadcast performs

In the virtual control room, you gain a comprehensive overview of your web broadcast and quick access to all essential functions.

Here, you can view the source's connection status, the event's scheduled start time, and the web address where it will be available. You can also find all the statistics related to your live broadcast. For instance, you can see the current number of viewers, the number of playbacks initiated, and the peak viewership during the live stream. Everything is categorized by the type of device used, so you'll know how your audience prefers to connect.

Save time with QR codes for the event

Our streaming platform, Mediaflow Live, automatically generates two types of QR codes for each web broadcast.

One is a link to the live broadcast itself, allowing you to quickly check its functionality on a mobile phone without manually entering the web address. The other takes you to a page with the unique broadcast key and the address your source needs to broadcast.

Countdown timer before the web broadcast

In the control room, an internal countdown timer also helps you see exactly when the live broadcast is scheduled to begin, eliminating the need for manual countdowns.

In our experience, this little innovation makes life easier when you are filming and broadcasting live. There are already enough things to keep track of when you are livestreaming an event.

Smart keys make live broadcasting easy

A stream key is a code used by someone who wants to livestream an event to identify themselves in the system.

With multiple recurring live events, it's easy to accumulate many keys that you need to manage. In Mediaflow Live, you can choose whether a key should be discarded after a live broadcast or if it should be reusable. This allows a recurring video producer or a company to have a personal key, ensuring they are always ready to connect via the streaming platform.

Reuse settings from previous live broadcasts

Filming and broadcasting your event live can be time-consuming and requires getting many parameters right.

In Mediaflow Live, settings can be retrieved from previous events, reducing the time needed to get started and allowing your company to reuse work already performed. Convenient and simple.

Publish your live broadcast wherever you want

Each live broadcast receives its own unique URL that you can link to. If you have a Play Portal, you can choose to publish the broadcast there as well. The portal is branded with your logo, colours, and fonts, ensuring a consistently professional appearance.

If you want to display the livestream on your existing website, there is an automatically generated embed code ready to be pasted onto any page.

If you have chosen to make the web broadcast available even after the event, it can be played back directly from all the locations where it is published. Alternatively, you can display a message, such as thanking viewers for their participation.

Reliable, GDPR-secure and accessible events

To ensure that all data is handled securely and in compliance with data protection regulations, all our live servers are located in Scandinavia. This provides high speed, robust security, and complete control over who has access to your data.

It is also important to note that organizations subject to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines need to make live broadcasts accessible if they are to be published for longer than two weeks. With Video Manager, you can easily add transcriptions and subtitles, alternative audio and video tracks, and sign language interpretation.

Video Manager

Present your video content on your website or in a player channel. Our fully accessible video player supports multiple audio and video tracks, subtitles, sign language, and audio descriptions for the visually impaired. Additionally, thanks to an intelligent speech recognition engine, you can generate subtitles in just a few minutes, saving time and resources.

Simple, scalable and affordable

Mediaflow is a Swedish cloud service that thousands of communicators, creators, and marketers use. Because the service is located in the cloud and easily accessible through your web browser, it also doesn't require any hardware investments, making it easy for large and small organisations to get started.

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