Work faster with API integration

By connecting Mediaflow with your systems, you gain more control over your files and streamline your workflows.

Mediaflow offers several ready-made plugins for integration with the most common CMS platforms and programs such as InDesign, PowerPoint, and Word. We also provide a REST API (Application Programming Interface) for other systems that developers can use to create integrations where a ready-made plugin is unavailable.

You can build your API connection using our ready-made integration kit or create a custom solution tailored to your needs. For example, if you have a PIM (Product Information Management) system for your products like Inriver, Struct, Perfion, or Informatica, you can use the API integration to automatically enrich images with data about colours, sizes, and more. The API is continuously developed based on feedback from our customers.

Advantages of Using API

There are many advantages to integrating Mediaflow through our API. The primary benefit is the ability to customise the connection to fit your tools and programs. Streamlining workflows frees up more time to add value to your business.

For instance, you can:

  • connect Mediaflow's folder structure so that you can preview and select files directly within your systems, eliminating the need for users to download and manage files locally.
  • log the usage history in Mediaflow to always know where and how your files are being used.
  • customise which data from Mediaflow you have access to in your other systems.

Another advantage is that you can provide more users access to your files without them having to be users in the Mediaflow platform. Access to specific files, such as those required by a web editor, can be controlled by authorised personnel within Mediaflow.

Getting Started

  1. Contact your account manager to ensure that API access is activated in your agreement.
  2. Contact and we will provide the necessary keys and support documentation.
  3. Send the keys and support documentation you received from us to your developers or consultants responsible for building the integration.
  4. If your developers need more assistance, Mediaflow's support team is available to help.
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