Share files securely with others

Share and receive files online in a simple and efficient manner for delivery, selection, or review via a unique sharing link. Perfect for a workflow when you need to share files with others, such as external photographers, agencies, and printing companies, or within a large corporation.

Collaborate more easily with others

Receive quick feedback online on your shared work through ratings, selections, and comments directly in the sharing link.

Customisable download page

Customise the download page based on parameters such as passwords, version management, and light or dark themes. You can also make collaboration more personal with a welcome message.

Share quickly and securely

Save your files on encrypted and redundant servers. All downloads are made via encrypted high-capacity connections.

How do you share files externally?

Web Share is a convenient way to distribute and share files with others outside of Mediaflow, as well as a way to collect materials. When you share files via a web link, a unique sharing link is created that the recipient can access without needing to log in to Mediaflow.

They are not limited to images and videos but can also be used to securely share files, thus eliminating the need for an additional service like WeTransfer, Dropbox, or Sprend.

Create a Web Share link

As a marketer, creator, or communicator, several intelligent features make your daily work easier. With our convenient sharing links, you can easily select which files you want to share from your Media Bank. You can share an entire folder, individual files, or a collection of images.

You then select the type of web link you want it to be: review, selection, or file delivery. Either you fill in information about the recipient so the sharing link is sent through Mediaflow, or you share the link yourself through your company's channels.

Web Share for review or selection

Review – Send files externally or internally for approval. The person who opens the link can then choose between "Approved," "Not approved," or "Approved after changes," where the recipient can leave a comment.

Selection – Send several files for selection. Ask your colleagues for help in choosing images for a project or a client that needs retouching. Each file can then be flagged with "Yes," "No," or "Maybe," where the recipient can leave a personal comment.

Share a secure link for delivery or material retrieval

File Delivery – Securely deliver materials to external parties such as the press, agencies, and print shops or share files online with employees within the company. The recipient who opens the link can then download the original files.

Material Collection – Allow the recipient of the web link, such as an external photographer, to upload files. These will automatically be placed in a folder in Mediaflow, making it easy to organise the images in your image bank.

Customise your Web Share link

There are several advanced settings you can use to customise the Web Share link for different purposes:

  • Set a time limit for the web link
  • Set a password for access
  • Display a welcome box with instructions and the company's contact information.
  • Permit comments on files
  • Permit uploading of files
  • Disallow downloading of original files
  • Allow previous versions of files to be displayed
  • Choose a dark or light theme
My favorite feature is definitely the Web Shares. It's great that you can send individual files or many files to a client or someone within the company. Many prefer having the files sent through the media bank.
Kristina Lindén
Marketing Communications, Easy-Laser AB

See a Web Share link on our demo page

Visit this demo page to see a version of a Web Share link.

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