DAM system - organise your digital assets

Mediaflow DAM is a cloud-based service that assists you in working more efficiently with your company's digital assets. It enables easy storage, organisation, and collaboration around your files on a single platform. It's user-friendly, intelligent, and powerful.

What is a DAM system?

Organisations often have many digital assets, such as images, videos, files, logos, icons, and fonts. Quite frequently, these lack a defined structure.

DAM stands for Digital Asset Management. A DAM tool is essentially a digital media library and an image bank that facilitates the organisation, collection, and distribution of materials. Simply put, it's a management system for your digital material.

Organise your files

We understand that every organisation has different needs. Mediaflow is built on a virtual folder structure that is fully customisable according to your preferences. This paves the way for intelligent features such as indexing, automatic folders, and duplicate management, enabling you to quickly find what you are searching for.

In addition to a shared file area where you establish a common folder structure and create your media library, each user has a private file area. Here, you can place files that are still being worked on or items you want to keep to yourself for other reasons.

Efficiently manage digital media assets

Mediaflow isn't just a place to store files; it's also a system packed with intelligent features to simplify your company's workflows. For instance, you can easily share files with individuals outside the organisation through easy-to-use web links. And if you want to gather internal feedback, you can create chat threads linked to a file directly within the platform.

Furthermore, Mediaflow has several integrations with CMS systems and software where you can control which files are visible to web editors.

Powerful admin features and customised metadata

Several convenient admin features are available to tailor Mediaflow to your business. For instance, you can customise metadata fields and adapt groups, configure permissions, and adjust download presets according to your specific needs.

Additionally, we offer a GDPR module with intelligent features for files containing personal data. This allows you to keep track of the legal basis for the file quickly, as well as individuals who might be visible, and consents.

A DAM system with a user-friendly interface

Despite a wide array of features, Mediaflow's interface is designed to make it as simple as possible for you as a user to find what you're looking for. When you log in to the platform, you quickly get an overview of recently uploaded files, activities, and notifications about new chat messages. Want to work from your phone? No worries. Use Mediaflow's mobile app and access files from anywhere.

Quick support whenever you need it

Can't find what you're looking for or have questions about Mediaflow's various features? When you log in, you gain access to our extensive support portal with over 100 articles and guides to assist you through most issues.

Here, it's easy to search for information, and if you can't find what you need, our Pro users can also call, email, or send a message through the Mediaflow chat.

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