Make files and folders accessible to more people

You can distribute files from Mediaflow and make them available to others through a Media Portal. For instance, you can create a press media bank for journalists accessible from your website or an internal Brand Portal on your intranet.

Always available

Share important materials with any web browser. Let the visitor decide when it's most convenient to access the files.

Find the correct file quickly

In a Media Portal, visitors can search for a file using criteria such as file size, resolution, labelling, GDPR status, publication date, and much more.

Monitor file usage

Set it up so that anyone downloading a file must specify how it will be used, allowing you to maintain a clear overview of your digital assets.

Get started in no time

Build a branded Media Portal from one of our responsive and user-friendly templates.

Within Mediaflow, select and publish files directly to the portal. Users can then easily search for and browse through files, preview them, and download them in your chosen formats. If you want to reach a limited group, such as your employees, you can restrict access to a specific network or link the portal to logins in your AD (Active Directory).

Standard Portal or Plus Portal

In a Plus Portal, you have more customisation options than the basic features included in a Standard Portal.

You get access to a wider range of templates, the ability to make more customisations like using your own fonts, and the option to link it to your own domain. We can also perform specific customisations, such as creating custom homepages, for an hourly fee. See more additional features at the bottom of the page.

Support for a wide variety of file types

The Media Portals support over 100 of the most common file formats, such as jpg, png, and eps, as well as files from Adobe Illustrator (ai) and Photoshop (psd).

As with images, Microsoft Word documents and PDFs can be previewed and browsed directly within the portal, and video files can be downloaded and streamed directly.

Image collections/selections

Visitors can select images and put them in an image collection. The selection is then saved in their browser and remains available during their next visit. The selection can be downloaded or shared with someone else through a web link.

Automatic folders

Mediaflow automatically creates folders that make it easy for visitors to find the 100 latest files, incoming files sorted by different time intervals, and the most downloaded files.

Design templates in your portal

Using our Design Generator, you can provide your organisation with user-friendly templates for marketing and communication materials without needing external software or prior knowledge.

By sharing your templates for invitations, posters, brochures, advertisements, and more directly in your portal, visitors can easily access these templates to instantly create marketing materials in their web browsers.

Design Generator

With the help of the Design Generator, you can provide your organisation with user-friendly templates for marketing and communication materials, all without the need for external software or prior knowledge.

Custom download presets

Create custom image formats and allow visitors to download images in tailored formats for advertisements, social media, or e-commerce. Depending on the download preset, visitors can directly crop the image in the portal.

Reporting file usage

The portal settings make it possible to require reporting of file usage. Users will then have to specify how the file will be used prior to downloading. Reporting can be set for an entire portal or at folder level giving you control over where files are published and how they are used.

Play Portal

Build your own Play Portal in Mediaflow. Visitors can play the video directly in the portal or download the file if you allow it.

The video is presented on its own page, where you can add a descriptive text. You can manage subtitles, audio description, and more through our Video Manager.

Video Manager

Present your video films on your website or in a Play Portal. Our fully accessible video player supports multiple audio and visual tracks, subtitles, as well as sign language and audio-described video. Thanks to an intelligent speech recognition engine, you can generate subtitles within minutes, saving time and resources.

I really like that you can design your own Portal. It gives a professional impression of the company to have a branded media bank where our content is located.
Rustan Karlsson
Marketing Manager, Easy-Laser AB

Take a look at our demonstration portals

Visit one of our demonstration portals to see what it could look like when you've set up your own media and image bank or a Play Portal.

Take a look at some of our customers’ media portals


  Standard Portal Plus Portal
Total number of files Unlimited Unlimited
Create image collections/selections Yes Yes
Report of downloaded image usage  Yes Yes
Cropping feature for images Yes Yes
Custom download preset Yes Yes
Mediaflow-hosted domain with https Yes Yes
Portal accessible through own domain - Yes
Access to design templates (Design Generator) Yes Yes
Limit access to the portal based on IP Yes Yes
Authorise access through SSO* Yes* Yes*
Use own logo Yes Yes
Fonts Five options Unlimited
Change font size - Yes
Change the distance and size of elements - Yes
Display metadata fields Yes Yes
Display own metadata fields - Yes
Use own css - Yes
Special modifications at an hourly rate - Yes

* Provided that your agreement includes SSO.

Simple, scalable and affordable

Mediaflow is a Swedish cloud service that thousands of communicators, creators, and marketers use. Because the service is located in the cloud and easily accessible through your web browser, it also doesn't require any hardware investments, making it easy for large and small organisations to get started.

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