Data Protection and GDPR

Mediaflow actively works with GDPR issues and data security concerning the data we process as a company and our services. We are adamant about meeting the data protection requirements of our customers, including those in the public sector and commercial customers with critical e-commerce processes.

Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) collaborates on contracts and GDPR-related matters with a data protection team of five individuals within the company, who regularly meet and have continuous discussions with expert lawyers.

Our GDPR efforts include monitoring GDPR and data protection legislation, entering into Data Processing Agreements (DPAs), and ensuring that we, as a company, comply with GDPR requirements. A central part of our services and products is helping our customers meet data legal requirements. For example, we offer a GDPR module that smoothly links individuals to files, especially images and videos, and to consents. Creating digital consents with digital signatures is also a highly appreciated feature.

Within the Mediaflow system, there are no transfers of files, data, or personal information to subcontractors within or outside of Sweden. If customers wish to use the automatic subtitle creation ("transcribe") feature for videos with our Video Manager module, we use the subcontractor Lingsoft (Finland) to provide that service unless otherwise agreed with the customer. Lingsoft, in turn, has no subcontractors and manages all data in its data centres in Finland.

For more information on how we handle your privacy and personal data, please refer to our Privacy information.

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