Customise Mediaflow to fit your workflow

With our modules, you can tailor workflows to your needs. The Web Shares module is always included in Mediaflow, while the other modules are used to expand the platform with additional functionality.

Web Shares

Share and receive files efficiently for delivery, selection, or proofing through a unique link. Ideal for workflows involving external photographers, agencies, print shops, or within a large organisation.

Media Portals

With a Media Portal, you can distribute your files from Mediaflow and make them accessible to a broader audience. For instance, you can create a press media bank for journalists accessible from your website or an internal brand portal on your intranet.

Video Manager

Showcase your video content on your website or through a Play Portal. Our fully accessible video player supports multiple audio and video tracks, subtitles, sign language and audio description for videos. Thanks to an intelligent speech recognition engine, you can generate subtitles in minutes, saving time and resources.

Simple layout templates in keeping with your brand.

Using the Design Generator, you can provide your organisation with user-friendly templates for marketing and communication materials without needing external software or prior knowledge.

This frees up internal marketing resources while ensuring compliance with brand guidelines within your organisation.


Reach people all over the world with personalised communication on their terms. Mediaflow Live is an additional service to Video Manager that makes it easier to stream video via a scalable and GDPR-compliant infrastructure.


Efficiently and securely manage personal data and agreements. Obtain consent through our digital signing service and receive alerts if files are not GDPR-compliant. With the GDPR module, you have complete control over which files individuals appear in and how they can be used.

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