Safe and secure

Here you will find information on everything related to integration, security, GDPR and accessibility. 

Accessibility guidelines / WCAG

Since many of our customers are in the public sector, we have been dealing with the requirements and possibilities related to accessibility for quite some time.

Technology and data security

All systems and data in Mediaflow are managed in virtual environments hosted by our server providers. Files and file information are stored and handled exclusively within Scandinavia.

Data protection and GDPR

Mediaflow is actively addressing GDPR issues and data security. Despite not being a huge company, we allocate significant resources to meet the data protection requirements of our customers, especially within the public sector and for commercial customers with business-critical e-commerce flows, etc. 

Support Portal

In our Support Portal, you will find the latest information about Mediaflow and answers to the most common questions. There are also intuitive guides to help you accomplish most tasks step by step.

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