Creators working with images and videos

Organise your assets

Mediaflow is a cloud service with a digital asset management system that assists you in organising all your digital assets as well as linking model contracts and permissions to images and videos. It's a tool that provides you with a straightforward and professional workflow from the camera or drawing board all the way to a professional and secure delivery.

Distribute and collect projects

When you want to share a project or a file in Mediaflow, a unique download page is created that you can configure for the recipient to approve an image, make a selection, or provide feedback on a file.

The page can be personalised with a message and protected with a password.

To collect a job from a photographer or an external resource directly into your folders, you can create an upload link instead.

Access the right image in seconds

Because Mediaflow is a cloud service, you and your colleagues can store all your digital assets in one secure location that you can always access. There, you can easily tag photos and files with keywords and metadata so that you can find them when needed.

If you need to find an image, you can search by tags, colour marking, camera, photographer, people in the image, and much more.

Digital collection of permissions and model contracts

In our GDPR service, you can quickly establish a register of individuals where you can upload all existing model contracts. New permissions can be conveniently obtained via SMS and email. This provides you with a comprehensive list of the current agreements and how they relate to your digital assets.

The GDPR service warns you well in advance if the permission for an image or video is about to expire, allowing you to choose how to proceed.

A unique face-matching feature
You can simplify the process of linking contracts to images and videos by enabling face matching on new uploads. Facial data is not shared with anyone and is unique to your company's account.

Integrate Mediaflow with your tools

Mediaflow seamlessly integrates with your workflow through plugins for various services and apps.

With our Office and InDesign plugins, you can open and save documents directly from your folders in Mediaflow.

Our version management allows multiple people to work on the same document, browse the versions, and access the original. Thanks to configurable download templates, Mediaflow can automatically customize and crop your images for different purposes.

Easy to get started

Our platform is intuitive and easy to navigate. It helps you become even more efficient, provides a clearer workflow structure, and facilitates collaboration.

To ensure you get off to a flying start, we also offer a highly regarded onboarding process where our product specialists teach you how our service works, provide tips on intelligent working methods and test your knowledge through practical exercises. This means you are well-prepared when it's time to spread your wings.

I've already recommended Mediaflow to several collaborators! I would say the system is user-friendly, flexible, and the people at Mediaflow are incredibly accommodating.
Karin Ivarsson
Executive Producer and Project Manager for TV Postcode Lottery
It's a very user-friendly tool that makes things easier for both us and our resellers. The interface is sleek, and it's overall very flexible. The support is excellent, and you can get help quickly if something goes wrong.
Kristina Lindén
Marketing Communications, Easy-Laser AB
By establishing a clear structure for the images in Mediaflow and tagging each image with metadata, anyone in the organisation can now access any image within seconds.
David Jönsson
Communicator, Falköpings municipality
We have been using Mediaflow for image management for many years, but for video management, it's relatively new, and there's a significant difference. We now have a playlist with a web-accessible video player containing all our videos. Previously, the videos were only on YouTube. The workflow for image and video management has become efficient and seamless.
Monica Nielsen
Webmaster/system administrator Sitevision, image and video specialist, Tillväxtverket
We were looking for a tool to create an internal image bank. We found Mediaflow, which turned out to be much more than just an image bank. The ability to share a design with external collaborators to work together has been a highly appreciated feature and a contributing factor to the success of Mediaflow within our organisation.
Fredrik Lundblad
Communicator, Sensus study association
We have many creative colleagues who create posters and more. With the help of Mediaflow's Design Generator, everyone can easily adhere to our graphic profile.
Mattias Eriksson
Web Strategist, Bilda Study Association

Choosing Mediaflow puts you in good company

Discover how Mediaflow can streamline your work

Mediaflow is a Swedish GDPR-secure cloud service, so you don't have to invest in hardware and software. With a flexible pricing model, the barrier to getting started is also very low.

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