What You Need to Know About the Next Generation of Mediaflow

We are excited to announce that in December, we will be launching the most significant update to our platform yet. The next version of Mediaflow features several innovations and smarter ways of working in an improved yet familiar environment. And this is just the beginning.

What You Need to Know About the Next Generation of Mediaflow

Over the next coming weeks, we will begin transitioning users to Mediaflow 4.0. This is the culmination of our most ambitious project to date and marks the start of faster delivery of new features and modules. You will quickly notice that there is a lot that is new on the surface, but the most impactful change is the new engine that we have built to power the platform. 

The update brings a new user interface that improves your experience in many ways. Visually, Mediaflow has been redesigned to provide a more consistent and intuitive experience where crucial information is prioritised for quick and easy workflows. Some of the new features include improved right-click menus with icons, better presentation of statistics that provide new insights into usage, and more naturally placed and rephrased help texts. Importantly, we have ensured that you will immediately recognise the platform and that you can continue working in ways that you are accustomed to.

The more significant changes in the new version include:

  • Unique URLs for Mediaflow Content: Mediaflow now provides unique URLs for all images, folders, and features, enabling you to quickly share the web address of the specific part of the app you are working on.
  • Enhanced Search Functionality: The search function has been updated, allowing you to combine multiple criteria and file types to find the right file even faster. It is particularly useful when you have limited but specific clues about the document, image, or video you need to find.
  • Additional Shortcuts: Shortcuts for essential functions have been added. For instance, you can now share selected files via a web link by pressing "W”. Shortcuts are displayed alongside functions in right-click menus.
  • Admin Interface Redesign: The admin interface, as well as menus, has been updated, and all settings feature a completely new design. Inviting new users to Mediaflow is now easier, and understanding how different permissions are inherited among user groups is more straightforward.

You can find more details about these changes in the list at the bottom of the page, and a comprehensive list of changes is presented in our release notes for version 4.0.

All settings feature a completely new design.
All settings feature a completely new design.
Shortcuts are displayed alongside functions in right-click menus.
Shortcuts are displayed alongside functions in right-click menus.
The search function has been updated, allowing you to combine multiple criteria and file types to find the right file even faster.
The search function has been updated, allowing you to combine multiple criteria and file types to find the right file even faster.
Mediaflow now provides unique URLs for all images, folders, and features.
Mediaflow now provides unique URLs for all images, folders, and features.

Ready for future solutions in Image, Video, and Branding

The most significant changes in the platform, however, are not visible in the user interface. Mediaflow 4.0 represents a complete redesign of how all parts of our platform function, communicate with each other, and come together to power the platform. While delivering the same features you are accustomed to, it's an entirely new engine powering them.

These changes enable us to scale the platform to an unlimited number of users, in multiple languages. From the launch onwards, we can add new modules and features at an increasingly rapid pace, thanks to the use of scalable and reusable components. Mediaflow 4.0 is an ambitious project, benefitting from our organic and steady growth on the solid foundation we've built. This ensures that we can continue innovating and creating even better solutions with creative freedom and without limitations.

Beyond Mediaflow 4.0 - AI Services and New Module

As a result of our work on this release we are set to implement two new AI services in the next phase.

Automatic Subtitles: Soon, subtitles will be automatically generated by our own AI, running on our servers. This means quicker transcriptions with greater flexibility to adjust parameters for the desired output.

AI-assisted Image Tagging: Another AI service will assist in tagging images with keywords and generating simpler alt-texts for your website. For organisations that handle large volumes of images, this tool replaces many hours of manual work.

Recently, we unveiled a sneak peek of our upcoming module, Brand Room. Essentially, it's a new generation of our portal engine and a mini-CMS where you can build a simple website around the folders in Mediaflow that you want to share. Here, you can create pages as needed, whether it's a campaign page or an internal brand portal. More details about these services will be shared in the future.

What's Next?

In the coming weeks, we will gradually move users to Mediaflow 4.0, with the last users expected to transition in March. The update is free, and you don't need to take any action to benefit from it. We will email more details when it's time to transfer your account. No saved data will be lost, and you can continue working just like before.

Key Highlights:

Media Bank

  • Improved Advanced Search: Combine different criteria to filter search results without typing anything in the free-text field. A new shortcut allows you to return to the latest search, and a new icon indicates an advanced search.
  • Unique Web Addresses: Every image, folder, and function now has a unique web address for easy linking directly in your browser.
  • Larger Previews: Single file viewing now offers full-screen previews, including video previews in the main window.
  • Enhanced Right-Click Menus: Improved right-click menus with icons for easier navigation.
  • Folder Deletion: You can now delete folders that contain subfolders, a feature previously available only to super-admins.
  • Notification Feed: A new notification feed provides feedback and error messages at the bottom of the browser window, making it easier to track actions.
  • Bulk Editing: It's easier to edit or delete indexing data for multiple files simultaneously.
  • More Information at a Glance: Selecting a folder provides more information, such as the presence of folder keywords (autoindexing).
  • Expanded Shortcuts: The platform now supports more shortcuts, including options for selecting all files, copying, cutting, previewing files, creating web shares, and adding to selections.
  • Free Crop in Right-Click Menu: The Right-click menu now includes the option to free crop images before downloading.
  • Live Message Updates: Notification updates in Mediaflow are now in real-time.
  • Improved Texts and Help: All texts and help texts have been reviewed to ensure a clearer user understanding.

Admin Functions

  • Enhanced Statistics: Gain deeper insights into your files and streaming traffic consumption, including automatic subtitles.
  • User Invitations: New functionality when inviting new users to your Mediaflow.
  • Redesigned Settings: The Settings panel now has a completely new design, offering a clear full-screen view.
  • Understanding Permissions: It's now easier to understand how different permissions are inherited between groups.


  • Improved Design: The tool has a more user-friendly design for identifying and tagging individuals.
  • Summarised Data: Improved summary of personal data when selecting multiple files.

Web Shares

  • Customised Messages: Send custom messages in multiple different language settings when creating a web share
  • Tracking: View a history of who has received the web link through the interface.


  • Viewer Interaction: Viewers can ask questions via a "question box" and have them answered directly during the broadcast.
  • Redesigned Control Room: The virtual control room has a new, more intuitive interface where you can get a better overview in realtime.

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