User-friendly interface

Mediaflow Content Hub is designed to be user-friendly and practical. Here, you can read about innovative features that enhance your user experience.

Modern and intuitive

Mediaflow's web-based interface is designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, and modern.

Switch between light and dark colour themes, use drag-and-drop, and make the most of right-click menus. All admin functions and modules, such as GDPR and Media Portals, are always easily accessible in a single interface.

Stay updated on activities and events

When you log into Mediaflow, you quickly gain a comprehensive overview of the platform's activity.

On the start page, you will find the latest uploaded files and a summary of events within the system. There is a list of activity in Web Shares and notifications about new chat messages. The system information box displays details such as storage space and the current number of files. The start page also includes a space for internal information within the organization and essential updates from us at Mediaflow.

Create personal selections

Create personal selections to gather images from various folders conveniently.

The selections are personal and are saved between logins. You can create multiple selections and quickly switch between them, always accessible in the file viewing field. You can then download the files, print them, or share them with others through Mediaflow Web Share.

Chat with colleagues

In Mediaflow's integrated chat function, you can communicate with one or several other users within your organisation.

You can choose whether to send an email notification for a new chat message or if a notification about new messages should only appear in the top menu.

Help when you need it

You can always reach our support through the yellow integrated support tab.

The tab is available everywhere in Mediaflow and allows you to search for information in the comprehensive support portal. Pro users can also call, email, or send a message that will receive a reply in the Mediaflow chat.

Mediaflow mobile app

Mediaflow's app simplifies your mobile work and provides access to your files anywhere.

Upload images directly from your mobile device and index them within the app. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

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