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More time for creativity

Mediaflow helps you structure and automate workflows so you can focus on the right tasks.

As a communicator, you're accustomed to a fast-paced environment where many tasks pile up and must be addressed simultaneously. Colleagues from other departments need assistance, collaborations with external and internal partners must be managed, and deadlines are approaching from all directions. But it is possible to create a sense of calm and order.

Access the right image in seconds

Mediaflow is a cloud-based digital asset management system where you and your colleagues can store all your digital assets. You can easily tag photos and files with keywords and metadata, making them searchable when needed.

You can also see where the file has been used and by whom, making it easy to determine if it's suitable for reuse.

Is GDPR really that complicated?

Many communicators are unsure if they genuinely comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Regulation. In our GDPR service, you will find tools that make it easy to comply with the law.

First and foremost, the service includes a personal register where all existing consents and model agreements can be uploaded and linked. New consents can be easily obtained via SMS and e-mail. You can also create your own agreements or use the standard agreements with the service.

Once your agreements are in place, the GDPR service will provide warnings if consent for an image or video is about to expire, allowing you to choose how to proceed. If Mediaflow is connected to your CMS, you can choose to automatically unpublish images when consent expires.

A unique facial recognition feature
To simplify linking agreements to images and videos, you can choose to activate facial recognition for new uploads. The facial data is not shared with anyone and is unique to your account.

Broadcast live and make the recording accessible

With Video Manager, you can distribute your videos through embedding on your website, a unique link, or in a Playportal. Video Manager also allows you to make your videos accessible.

For example, you can:

  • Create automatic transcripts and subtitles in multiple languages.
  •  Add video tracks for audio description and sign language interpretation.
  • Include audio tracks in different languages.

If you have the Live add-on service, you can livestream your events and distribute the completed video broadcasts, which you can then easily customize using Video Manager.

Anyone can create communication materials

In many organizations, there is a constant need for communication materials, which often means that you, as a communicator, get involved in everything from social media graphics to brochures or posters. This takes time away from other projects.

With the Design Generator, you get your own automated templates where your colleagues can easily create communication materials that follow your graphic guidelines without any prior knowledge or external programs. All that is needed is access to a web browser to create a stylish business card, a large poster, or an advertisement.

Share and collect files in your workflow

When you want to share a project or a file in Mediaflow, a unique download page is created that you can configure for the recipient to approve an image, make a selection, or provide feedback on a file.

The page can be personalized with a message and protected with a password.

To collect files from an external collaborator directly into your folders, you create an upload link instead.

Always available for visitors, colleagues, and the press.

You create a portal if you want to permanently make files available to a larger group of recipients or over a more extended period. It's a website you customise to your brand and link to selected content in your Mediaflow account.

The portal can be used to distribute all sorts of files or, if it's a Play Portal, to showcase video films and live broadcasts.

Portals are used internally to disseminate essential documents and files within the organisation or externally when you want to reach the population or the press.

Connect Mediaflow to your tools

Mediaflow seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow through plugins for various services and applications.

With our Office and InDesign plugins, you can access and save documents directly in your Mediaflow folders. We also have integrations with several major CMS platforms, such as Sitevision, Optimizely, and WordPress.

Depending on your CMS, Mediaflow can automatically log publishing history and show where an image or video is used. With the GDPR service enabled, you can receive a warning if consent is about to expire and unpublish images lacking consent.

Easy to get started

Our platform is intuitive and easy to navigate. It helps you become even more efficient, provides a clearer workflow structure, and facilitates collaboration.

To ensure you get off to a flying start, we offer a highly regarded onboarding process where our product specialists teach you how our service works, provide tips on intelligent workflows and test your knowledge through practical exercises. This means you'll be well-prepared when it's time to spread your wings.

By establishing a clear structure for the images in Mediaflow and tagging each image with metadata, anyone in the organisation can now access any image within seconds.
David Jönsson
Communicator, Falköpings municipality
We have been using Mediaflow for image management for many years, but for video management, it's relatively new, and there's a significant difference. We now have a playlist with a web-accessible video player containing all our videos. Previously, the videos were only on YouTube. The workflow for image and video management has become efficient and seamless.
Monica Nielsen
Webmaster/system administrator Sitevision, image and video specialist, Tillväxtverket
We were looking for a tool to create an internal image bank. We found Mediaflow, which turned out to be much more than just an image bank. The ability to share a design with external collaborators to work together has been a highly appreciated feature and a contributing factor to the success of Mediaflow within our organisation.
Fredrik Lundblad
Communicator, Sensus study association
We have many creative colleagues who create posters and more. With the help of Mediaflow's Design Generator, everyone can easily adhere to our graphic profile.
Mattias Eriksson
Web Strategist, Bilda Study Association
Having all the images gathered in one place has solved many problems. Additionally, being able to manage data security and GDPR compliance seamlessly with the help of a single tool is incredibly convenient in my work.
Jeanette Harf
Communication Director, Finnish Swedish Sports

Choosing Mediaflow puts you in good company

Discover how Mediaflow can streamline your work

Mediaflow is a Swedish GDPR-secure cloud service, so you don't have to invest in hardware and software. With a flexible pricing model, the barrier to getting started is also very low.

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